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Installing CCTV cameras on Los Angeles premises has rapidly increased over the past few years. Now residents of Los Angeles prefer to secure their premises by installing good-quality security cameras. Having CCTV cameras at your workplace or residential properties is one of the beneficial and cost-effective ways to improve security measures. Therefore, Los Angeles people also prefer surveillance camera installation services from reliable companies. Installing highly advanced modern CCTV cameras allows property owners to eliminate the additional expenses of hiring security guards. Also, cctv cameras lower the risk by protecting valuable assets with continuous monitoring of residential and commercial properties in Los Angeles.

FDS is one of the leading CCTV camera installation providers in Los Angeles, with years of reliable services and a good reputation. Therefore, we have too many satisfied clients in Los Angeles and the surrounding states. We at FDS understand the need for Home security systems in Los Angeles and provide camera installation services as per client demand. Regarding camera installation services, we are offering matchless services in Los Angeles because our core focus is to keep clients satisfied. Whether you are looking for excellent Access control Los Angeles or want quality security camera installation or repair services, we are available 24/7 to serve you.

We feel privileged in helping our valued clients to make their premises secure and worth living in Los Angeles. Therefore, we provide the most suitable security solutions according to premises needs. Whether you need a wireless outdoor security CCTV camera to make your outdoor areas secure or indoor cameras to monitor and manage activities in your home or office, we offer the best surveillance solutions. We keep working to provide innovative Surveillance camera installation and other security devices that bolster the defensive line of residential and commercial areas in Los Angeles.

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CCTV Installation & Services

No other company can beat our Home security camera installation services in Los Angeles. For over years of experience, we at FDS are providing exceptional CCTV camera installation in Los Angeles and the surrounding states without compromising at quality of services. We deal in all kinds of residential and commercial projects so you can live a more secure life in Los Angeles. We have a professionally trained team to install your Analog HD cameras, Digital IP cameras, Lens Plate cameras, Digital IP Ai cameras. So hopefully now you will not waste your time searching for a Security camera installation near me because we offer installation and maintenance services.

Intercom Installation & Repair

Home security systems Los Angeles are a major concern for people. We at FDS care most to meet the security needs of residential and commercial properties. You don’t need to go far away. We are just a call away from you. We are offering top-tier intercom installation and repair services. We have telecom experts with years of experience who better understand the best places for intercom installation in your office or home. A quality intercom system at your home is ideal for strengthening your safety needs with convenience. It helps to cut down the other expenses you may need to improve the security measures of your residential and commercial properties in Los Angeles. 

Door Access Control System

Installing Access control Los Angeles is one of the best surveillance solutions to restrict access of different people to your premises without your permission. This fantastic security system instantly provides alerts and notifications for any suspicious activity. So if you are looking for a quality Door access control system, FDS could be the right companion. We offer installation services that not only save your money but also your energy. After getting the Access control system installed by us, you’ll get peace of mind and easily keep track of who comes and goes from your premises in Los Angeles. 

Pre-Wiring of New Buildings

Well-designed cabling plays a vital role in the great performance of your security devices. At FDS, we offer structured cabling services. Our well-trained experts give the most suitable suggestions for your new building wiring and inter-communication needs. We mainly consider the current and future requirements while designing and installing cables. 

Can CCTV cameras record in the dark?

CCTV cameras are equipped with infrared lights that keep recording in the dark. These cameras provide good visibility and image quality. Before buying a camera, make sure to choose a camera with IR lights.

Can a camera keep recording during a power failure?

No, there will be no recording during a sudden power failure. However, if you have installed a UPS, your camera will keep working without interruption during a power failure.

How is the Access Control system beneficial?

The access control system is helpful in getting rid of traditional keys, protecting against unauthorized persons in your premises, and also expenses of taking services from security companies.

How does the access control system works?

Access control identifies users by verifying various login credentials, including usernames and passwords, PINs, biometric scans, and security tokens. Later on, it determines the access granted after authorized individuals are verified.

Do security cameras need cables?

Yes security cameras need cables to perform. An Ethernet cables will need for IP cameras and analog cameras need coaxial cables.

Which type of cable is best for outdoor connectivity?

Cat6 Shielded Cable is typically best for outdoor connectivity. 

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