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Specialists in Los Angeles

Looking for the top-quality structured cabling services in Los Angeles? Look no further, you’re in the right hands!

We future-proof your residential or commercial building

Your new building’s wiring and inter-communication needs could change drastically in the future. Let us set up a pre-wiring system that future-proofs your building forever.

Structured Cabling Los Angeles

Here’s What We Offer


Uniquely Tailored

Whether you need to wire a small, one-story residential block, or a gigantic commercial building with several stories, we’ve got you covered. Our structured cabling specialists in Los Angeles can create a solution that fits just right into your requirements.


Flexibility &

Our designs are created in a way that future-proofs your building. The wiring system will adapt to your ever-growing network requirements, and keep fulfilling your needs forever.



We take charge of every step of the process, from planning to designing, and from installation to maintenance. We’re the only structured cabling installation service you’ll ever need.

Why Choose FDS?

15 Years of Experience

We have set up hundreds of pre-wiring solutions in new buildings in LA. Our experience is our teacher, and we don’t hold back when it comes to showing off our expertise.

Premium Services at an Affordable Price Point

We offer market-leading service quality at a fraction of the price. Our goal is to put top-tier security services in the palm of every customer.

Always Available

Give us a call whenever you’re in a tough spot, and we will be there to help you out.