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4K Security Camera Cable & Wiring

4K Security Camera Cable & Wiring

When you visit the market to purchase a security camera, you’ll have a variety of cameras from different brands. These security cameras have features different from each other with various price tags. It is why it became difficult for the users to decide which camera would suit their needs most. With each passing day, brands are introducing security cameras equipped with cutting-edge technologies. Among many types of cameras, 4K security cameras offer better surveillance than traditional cameras.

4K security cameras offer better resolution than 1080p cameras. That’s why the image quality is much better. With easy installation and exciting features, 4K security cameras are best for homes, business points, and organizations.

If you plan to set up a 4K security camera system, you will need to connect your camera to the internet and a video recorder. For making all connections working, it is essential to use the right 4K security camera cables and proper wiring to ensure surveillance of your premises.

Types of Cables You Need For 4K Security Cameras:

You will need an Ethernet cables to work 4K security cameras properly. The Ethernet cables allow the 4K security cameras to send power and data.4K security cameras work with the POE (Power over Ethernet) technology. This fantastic technology allows the cameras to work with just one cable to get power and a network connection simultaneously. 

The amazing benefit of POE technology is easy to access, manage, and view your security camera footage while using an internet-connected device, i.e., a smartphone or tablet, and so forth. The connectivity of 4K security camera is so handy. You need a single Ethernet cable so that you can power your camera. In this way, a camera can transmit videos after an instant plug-and-play. 

How To Find The Right Cables For 4K Security Cameras:

Selecting the right security camera cables and proper connections is essential to working the 4K security camera. There are pre-made Ethernet cables with different lengths available in the market. Some recommended cables include the solid copper 6type CAT5e cables, which are UL-rated for long-distance signal transmission, and economy CCA-type CAT5e cables.  

FDS Provides Ideal Security Solutions:

If you have any queries regarding 4K security cameras or want to know about the proper cable selection of 4K security cameras, contact us today. At Fds, we have expert technicians who can better guide you about installing 4K security cameras. So contact us today to know everything about 4K security cameras. 


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