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Dome vs. Bullet Cameras for Security

Dome vs. Bullet Cameras for Security

Dome and Bullet security cameras are two innovative cameras featuring the latest technology to fulfill security needs. The primary purpose of these cameras is to ensure safety measures for your commercial and residential properties. It is a reason people living in Los Angeles prefer to install these cameras. But here comes the question: what is the difference between the Dome and Bullet cameras, or how will you know the difference between dome cameras and bullet cameras? In this blog, we’ll discuss dome vs bullet cameras for security. After reading this blog post, all confusion between the dome and bullet security cameras will clear.

Dome Cameras:

Dome cameras offer good surveillance at a budget-friendly price. These versatile cameras come with everything that you need for setup during installation. Dome cameras have a circular domed shape and are encased in a transparent, protective dome. It is why these cameras can blend into the surroundings and therefore have less chance of vandalism. With discrete design and sturdy manufacturing, these cameras are the top choice for installation in retail stores, shopping malls, restaurants, and other public places. Dome cameras have weatherproof and vandal-proof features that make them demanded by users in Los Angeles. These cameras are available in IP and HD options and are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The effortless installation, customized surveillance, and protective shells to cover the lens are some of the attractive features of the Dome cameras.

Features That Dome Cameras Has:

The fantastic features of dome cameras are:

  • Dome cameras have a remote viewing feature, so you can easily view footage using your smartphones and tablets.
  • Dome cameras capture high-resolution images and footage because of the dynamic camera angle.
  • These cameras have an innovative infrared night vision feature to get clear footage even in darkness.
  • Dome cameras have weather-resistant features, so they perform best in harsh weather.
  • Dome cameras can easily get mounted on walls or ceilings.
  • Dome cameras have a protective casing that amazingly protects the lens, so there is less chance of vandalism.

Pros & Cons of Dome Cameras:


  • Discrete design
  • Wider viewing angles
  • Fewer chances of vandalism



  • Shorter range than other cameras
  • The cover easily gets dirty
  • Tough installation process
  • Difficult repositioning 


Bullet Cameras:

Bullet cameras are shaped like a shell of a bullet and are intended to stick out. Their physical appearance makes them noticeable in their surroundings. One benefit of installing a bullet camera is the long-range viewing quality that makes them great for fulfilling security needs.

These cameras are ideal for protecting properties that require a longer range. Their wall-mounting quality makes them suitable for fixing in both indoor and outdoor areas. If you want to fix them in outdoor areas, you can install them in areas, i.e., parking lots, hallways, shopping malls, backyards, fences, and so forth. Bullet cameras can identify people’s faces at a long distance and give precise imaging.

Features That Bullet Cameras Has:

  • Bullet cameras allow you to view your premises while using your smartphones and tablets remotely.
  • Bullet cameras have high-resolution images and footages quality
  • These cameras are easy to install.
  • Bullet cameras come in weatherproof and vandal-proof designs.
  • These cameras offer a longer range, making them suitable for installation in larger monitoring areas.

Pros & Cons of Bullet Cameras:


  • Handy installation
  • Easy repositioning process
  • Wider and longer range
  • May deter theft
  • Great night vision
  • Less IR bounce back



  • Easily vandalized
  • Not durable
  • Birds can build their nests around it because of the shape
  • Not a discrete design


Dome Camera or Bullet Camera Which One Is Better?

The considerable difference between Dome vs. Bullet cameras is their physical structure. Although both can provide good surveillance for your premises, their features are different from each other. It depends on which type of camera you choose for your premises to give full security coverage for your property in Los Angeles. Before buying a dome or bullet camera, you need to consider you surveillance needs. Remember that choosing the right camera according to your priorities can serve you better and effortlessly fulfill your security needs.


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