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Is There Security Cameras That Works Without Wi-Fi

Security Cameras That Works Without Wi-Fi

Sometimes, because of any technical fault, your Wi-Fi stops working, or you live in an area with no Wi-Fi access. In these cases, would you like to live without having a security camera except for safety concerns? Of course not;  you don’t want to see your property and dear ones in danger. So having a security camera at your commercial and residential places is essential even if there is no Wi-Fi access.

With the advancement of technology, security camera manufacturing companies are introducing innovative cameras that wonderfully eliminate all your security concerns. In the market, you’ll see a variety of security cameras that you can operate without Wi-Fi. But before going to buy no Wi-Fi security cameras, it is essential to consider some points. In this blog, we’ll discuss in detail to operate security cameras without Wi-Fi, their pros and cons, and much more.

Types of No Wi-Fi Security Cameras:

In the market, there are security cameras that you can operate without a Wi-Fi connection. Analog or HD security cameras and Network IP Surveillance Cameras are the most popular no-Wi-Fi security cameras.

Analog or HD Security Cameras:

Analog or HD security cameras can work efficiently without a Wi-Fi connection. These cameras are widely used in commercial and residential projects with pre-wired coaxial cable connections. In such properties, analog or HD security cameras are easy to install and don’t need a Wi-Fi connection.

Network IP Surveillance Cameras:

Network, IP surveillance cameras can easily operate without a Wi-Fi connection. But it is necessary to have a wired ethernet connection in the property where these cameras need to get installed. A user must connect the camera and recorder to access points with a CAT5/6 ethernet cable. In this way, the camera will automatically get connected without Wi-Fi connection. A user doesn’t need a separate power cable because of in-built Power Over Ethernet (PoE) technology.

Ways to Use No-Wi-Fi Security Cameras:

If a user wants to operate the security camera with no Wi-Fi, then there are a few options he can choose from, i.e

  • He can run a coaxial cable directly to the DVR with an analog security camera.
  • He can also plug directly into the building with an IP Network video recorder and security camera.

No Wi-Fi Security Cameras Pros:

  • Hackers cannot get access to any no Wi-Fi security cameras.
  • No Wi-Fi security cameras use local storage, so users don’t need to pay for a monthly cloud storage subscription.

No Wi-Fi Security Cameras Cons:

  • Security cameras with no WiFi connections don’t allow the user to live stream video on smartphone
  • Security cameras with no WiFi connections don’t allow users to send them phone motion notifications
  • Sometimes it becomes harder to install the no Wi-Fi security cameras
  • No Wi-Fi security cameras are more expensive because these cameras need local storage.

Popular Storage Options For No Wi-Fi Cameras:

There are storage options that users can use to store and view the recordings later. These two options are:

  • DVR
  • Memory card

DVR (Digital Video Recorder): 

The no Wi-Fi security cameras with a DVR are ideal for storing the footage locally. The camera sends recordings to the DVR using a coaxial cable connection. Later on, a user can hook the DVR to the monitor to view the footage.

Memory Card:

No-Wi-Fi security cameras store the footage locally, and a memory card is a popular option. Just pop the memory card into your computer or laptop’s slot and view the footage easily.

Bottom Line:

Using a security camera with a Wi-Fi connection is common. A user can buy security cameras easily from the market, but sometimes these cameras can cost the user more than a security camera that works with a Wi-Fi connection. Also, these cameras are bulky if they require large DVRs. However, it depends on whether the user needs a Wi-Fi- security camera or wants no-Wi-Fi security cameras.

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